Privacy and Legacy Policy

We have found the legal and safe way to serve out customer and that is through our Online Pharmacy and Medicine. We only serve the good that will benefit more of our buyers. With our Privacy and Legacy Policies, you can get the best of the best online shopping experience from our pharmacy online. Your privacy as our valued customer is a critical matter to us. Our Privacy Policy will make sure that all the information we collect from you will be subjected to confidentiality. We commit ourselves to give you protection as part of the privacy policy. We only use your information for us to communicate well with our products and services online thus will give you a more splendid and wonderful shopping experience. When you want to avail our great products, we will need to ask from you to create your account. You will be asked to provide relevant information including your name, address, credit card number and its date of expiration, etc. You do not have to worry since our website has an excellent security program. Through your account, we will be able to send you update reminders, prescription refills, and others.

Part of our security policy is that when you ask for order online, all information regarding you and your credit or debit card numbers are subjected to a technology called SSL encryption before it will be sent over to the Internet. This SSL encryption technology will make all your information safe. It will be prevented from being stolen and being hacked while they are being transferred to us. Especially your ambien tabs credit card information, this will be encrypted in a restricted-access database that is not connected from our database website thus increasing more your security.

Our Legacy Policy is about the information we publish on our website. The information we provide is for the sole purpose of providing the general public with our great products and services they can avail from us. Also, we accept that all the information written is not absolutely and 100% accurate; however all of what you see on our website is the rightful ownerships of authorized companies comprising the Online Pharmacy and Medicine drug store.